My name is Arancha Guerrero. I am the manager of Kempchen-Comdiflex.
For those who don’t know, we are a company that manufactures and distributes solutions to control sealing, expansion and corrosion in the petrochemical, nuclear, cement, paper, etc. sectors.

We work in highly demanding environments that force us to concentrate all our efforts on technology, quality and constant innovation.

I have been managing and advising companies in a wide range of sectors for many years. Construction, seniors, strategic consulting, food delivery, flat glass, etc.

I am a strong advocate of humanistic management. In which, what matters most are the people who are involved in a project. Workers, customers, suppliers, competitors, subcontractors… Without ceasing to be, the excellence in the quality of the product and / or service, an undoubted priority.

In the industrial sector, it seems that the importance of human beings has been forgotten. We enter into tenders with large companies where it seems that the service or the concept of “reliable supplier” is not valued. Tenders that end up in auctions where, in the end, only the price tips the balance.

From this portal I would like to take a stand for humanistic management in the industrial sector as well.

Allow me to use an oxymoron to define the path I would like to follow with Kempchen-Comdiflex: “Industrial Humanism”.

What is “Industrial Humanism”?

I started my journey at Kempchen-Comdiflex by doing an exhaustive Human Resources audit. I got to know each and every employee in the company. Their interests, their dreams, their talents, their weaknesses, their sensitivities. People really appreciate it when someone actively listens to them. And they appreciate it by giving you valuable information.

What can I do for you to make your life here better? That’s my favorite question. And I asked them all.

It’s amazing how that simple question ends up drawing the management style that the company suffers or enjoys. Management style is the thread through which I continued the audit.

I will spare you everything that happened after the initial diagnosis.

Today I will only speak from the heart. Humanistic management has arrived. And it is here to stay.

A few months after the start of the audit, ownership had no choice but to intervene in the company. His wish, as heir to the business of his late father and younger brother, was to restore the enthusiasm of all the workers.

The second objective of the intervention was to make the company viable and to strengthen the financial structure in order to survive in the very long term, after years of struggle against economic instability, the incursion into the sector of countries with manufacturing costs much lower than ours and a pandemic that shook us all. The whole planet equally.

A few months after the intervention, the company is not only more optimistic and more humane. It is also more efficient, more profitable. Much more so. Even the graphs and control panels corroborate this.

The management team, led by José Cruz Ruiz Villandiego and myself, calls this process “Integral Management of Corporate Illusion”.

Our customers, our suppliers, our competitors. All of them will find us here if they need us. There is no rivalry, only a common project. Only people.  All of them are our priority. From all of us to all of them. Equally.

It is an honor to manage this company. I am absolutely proud of every single person who is or has ever been part of this company. Employees, suppliers, customers, competitors….

They have all made this company what it is today. With their strong character. With their professionalism, dedication and dedication to service. No machine can make a company beat the way people do. No digitalization can replicate honesty and responsibility. Pride.

It only remains for me to thank everyone for the effort they have made to understand that change is the real comfort zone. Not the place or the time. Not even the destination. But the people we walk with. No matter the mission. Never mind the path. My comfort is the team, the people. Each and every one of them.