Anti-spark tools Comdiflex

Anti-spark tools for the industrial sector and related companies Our anti-spark tools are suitable for use in environments where the appearance of sparks can cause fires or explosions. ATEX zones. All our tools strictly comply with the German BAM standard, and are suitable for use in the chemical, nuclear, oil, pharmaceutical,

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Exclusive product – Extreme seals

Grupo Industrial Kempchen & Comdiflex S.A. Seguimos avanzando para ti, desde el departamento de I+D presentamos nuestros nuevos productos en exclusiva de Comdiflex Advance, gracias al acuerdo comercial alcanzado con APS (Advance Products & Systems), ya disponemos en catálogo de juntas especiales para situaciones críticas. Las juntas

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New product: Thermo-insulating covers

Kempchen - Comdiflex increases its catalog and starts to design and manufacture Calorifugados. Recognized as an "excellent company" in quality and as "extraordinary" in urgent and immediate service. We are a national and international reference in sealing and control of expansion and corrosion. OUR NEW

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