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At Comdiflex we are known for being an innovative company due to our ability to adapt to changes and trends in the market, for our commitment to the environment and, at the same time, to meet the needs and urgencies of our customers.

Currently, hydrogen marks the path to sustainability and the possibility of achieving a planet free of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases. This green or renewable hydrogen is produced from the electrolysis of water, dissociating it into oxygen and hydrogen, from the energy supply from clean energy sources such as wind, solar, tidal, etc.

Comdiflex offers solutions and products applicable to the hydrogen sector, a leading sector in the industrial world.

Recently, Comdiflex and APS (Advance Products & Systems, LLC), have reached an exclusive distribution agreement for Spain and Portugal.

APS is an American company, recognized worldwide for its high specialization in technically advanced products related to pipelines and gas pipelines in the industrial, petrochemical, water treatment, etc. sectors. Among all its high-tech products, there is a line of specific products for hydrogen sealing. These are the gasket kits for flanges in hydrogen transport.

Soluciones de hidrógeno

Hydrogen Gasket Kit:

The COMDIFLEX ADVANCE hydrogen gasket kit consists of the combination G10 retainer and nitrile gasket with mylar sleeves and G10 washers, part number ETG10DWG10MY for gasket type E Trojan (with bolt holes) or FTG10DWG10MY for gasket type F Trojan (without bolt holes).

These types of gasket kits have been tested(Report attached) for fugitive emission control, passing the test positively.”

Technical Data

Another gasket kit for hydrogen and cryogenic conditions consists of a Trojan “E” (Full Face) style isolation gasket manufactured with a 1/8″ thick Nema G10 grade glass reinforced epoxy retainer with a PTFE sealing element, two 1/8″ thick G-10 washers, two SAE galvanized steel back-up washers and a 1/32″ wall thickness G-10 sleeve for each bolt. This gasket combination of a G-10 retainer with Teflon seal is NSF61 certified.

Emissions certificate