Founded in 1965, we are a company specialized in the manufacture and commercialization of textile, rubber and metallic seals and expansion joints. We also design and manufacture heat seals/thermal covers with a long experience in different branches of the industry, especially in refineries and petrochemical plants. Today we are recognized as a reliable company, technically prepared and efficient both in customized solutions and emergency service.

We are exclusive distributors of different firms specialized in sealing, expansion and corrosion control, we have gaskets for critical environments (high temperatures, cryogenic, hydrogen, corrosive acids, etc), corrosion control, leak detection (e.g. PH reactive paint), isolation kits, separators and pipeline fittings, anti-spark tools.

The collaboration with technological centers in the fields of engineering and material science, as well as the constant investment in the improvement of production technology allows us to maintain the highest quality standards and to offer our customers efficient solutions with precision and speed.

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Our facilities are located in a highly industrialized area in the north of Spain, a short distance from the main logistics platforms. The strategic location, flexible manufacturing processes, existence of special materials, in the hands of involved workers makes us your Express Partner.

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