Comdiflex’s heat insulation and personal protection mats are composed of two layers.

They provide not only areduction in surface temperature but also a great reduction in heat loss at the points where they are installed. All mats are easily installed, removable and reusable, made of high temperature resistant fabric and a core of low conductivity insulation material.

All the parts that make up this insulation consist of the rudder marking which ensures that they comply with Directive 2014/90/EU and are therefore valid for shipboarding on vessels.

Thermal blankets

TheComdiflex single point mats consist of a flexible envelope in technical fabric, filled with an insulating layer of rock wool that meets the requirements of EN 14303. The insulation adapts perfectly to the shape required by the customer and has spring and hook-and-loop fasteners for easy installation.

It provides a reduction in surface temperature, as well as a great reduction in heat loss at these points. All blankets are easily installed, removable and reusable. In addition, they comply with BAR-TH-161 and BAT-TH-155 standards.