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Kammprofile gaskets are used in the most demanding environments, such as refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, nuclear power plants, etc. The load stability of Kamprofile or Camprofile gaskets is notably superior to flat gaskets, and ensures sealing against high temperatures, pressure, and situations requiring high bolting forces.

At Comdiflex, we can manufacture gaskets from DN 10 up to a diameter of 3600 mm. For specific cases, larger meters or special fabrications according to drawings, such as oval seals or other geometric shapes.

We manufacture with a metallic core (generally stainless steel), with concentric grooves on both sides of the gasket and slightly convex profile, which allows to achieve the maximum sealing point with the contact surfaces. It adapts perfectly to the roughness of the flange face and its irregularities.

Our Kamprofile gaskets have an excellent capacity to withstand high pressures and variations, as well as temperatures up to 1000ºC depending on the type of material used for their manufacture.

Kamprofile gaskets are recommended for application in: Heat exchangers and valves, pressures above 250 bar, for damaged flanges, and are designed for oil, steam and hydrocarbon applications in aggressive environments.

Kammprofile gaskets

“High integrity seals for most demanding environments”

  • Solid core with machined grooves and soft material facing (graphite, PTFE, others).
  • TA LUFT Fugitive Emissions Prevention Certificate (environmentally friendly)
  • Pass partition bars with the same profile.
  • SS304L, SS316L, SS321 and other materials available.
  • Low seating stress, excellent tightness and extraordinary stability.
  • Ability to cope with fluctuating temperatures and pressures: heat exchanger’s services.
  • Suitable for the most difficult applications such as superheated steam, high pressure hydrocarbon or chemical service.

Kammprofile Gasket Profiles and limiting values

Profile Cross‐section Materials/Coating KO K1 RZ *
[N/mm] [mm] (µm)
B7A 15 bD 1,0 bD 25 a 50
B15A Graphite 15 bD 1,0 bD 50 a 100
B27A A.F. (1) A1 50 bD 1,0 bD 25 a 50
B29A Silver 70 bD 1,0 bD 12,5 a 25
E27A 100 bD 1,0 bD 12,5 a 25

*Recommended surface finish for the flange surface.
(1) A.F.: Compressed cardboard sheet with binder.

Kammprofile gasket materials and coatings

coated toothed joints

In order to avoid damage to the flanges with the metal core of grooved gaskets, they are generally used with layers of graphite, PTFE, aluminium or silver, providing total protection to the flanges and a secure seal even at low minimum surface pressures.

A triaxial stress is created in the profiling of the metallic carrier which has been filled with the layer material. The stability of this combination is therefore significantly higher than with a pure PTFE, graphite, or aluminium seal.

However, the main purpose of soft coatings is not the protection of the flange seating surface, but the reliable sealing of the flange connection with minimum surface contact pressures sV. A triaxial stress state is generated in the recesses of the toothed profile, which are filled with the lining material. The maximum permissible load sV that the gasket can withstand is up to the elastic limit of the groove profile core or the flange material. Therefore, the stability of this gasket is far superior to the classical flat gasket and the typical jacketed (metal-plastic) gaskets.

Kammprofile Serrated Joints with Standard Profile

In the standard profile of the toothed joint, designed according to DIN EN 1514-6, the peaks and grooves are flush. The thickness of the coating is recommended to be 0.5 mm and in case of PTFE 0.35 mm.


B9A or B29A profiles with centering ring are recommended for those cases where the presence of the centering ring is essential for the centering and installation of the joint.


When working with gaseous media or large temperature differences between the inner and outer diameter of the seal, we recommend the use of our B15A and B25A profiles with crazy centering ring.


E7A and E27A profiles are suitable for tongue and groove pocket connections.



Surface Pressure ( (N/mm2)
T = 20ºC T = 300ºC
smin smáx smin smáx
B7A, B9A Carbon Steel/Graphite
Carbon Steel/PTFE
15 350 30 (1) 210 (1)
15 500 30 (1)

420 (1)

Carbon Steel/Graphite
Carbon Steel/PTFE
80 500 95 420
125 500 140 420
15 350 20 (1) 210 (1)
Carbon Steel/Graphite
Carbon Steel/PTFE
15 500 20 (1) 420 (1)
1.4541/Aluminium 70 500 80 420
1.4541/Silver 100 500 110 420

The concave toothed joint (comb-shaped)

concave kammprofile joint

The concave kammprofile seals according to profile B27A, B29A, B25A and E27A are distinguished by an improved sealing behavior compared to the standard profiles B7A, B9A.

This improvement is achieved by reducing the depth of the grooves (“notched”) towards the center of the notched profile.

Therefore, the sealing coating (soft and plastically deformable) takes on a greater consistency and density (more thickness) in the center of the profile than at both ends of the profile; as a result, the bolt load is concentrated in the center of the profile rather than at the ends, so that the penetration of the coating is particularly optimal in the inevitable unevenness and roughness of the flange surface.

Thus, the stability of the concave grooved profile, due to its high central specific pressure, is very high and superior to all other standard flat profiles.

Also the surface pressure in the center of the profile has a positive effect on the sealing behavior of the gasket against slightly misaligned flanges.

The maximum allowable stress under temperature v is sV and determines the “stability” of the gasket. This value is determined by the metallic material of the profile.

sv [N/mm2] Possible Temperature in the Gasket Area (ºC)
0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700
PTFE 15 16 20
Graphite 15 16 17 20 22 25
Aluminium 70 70 75 80
Silver 100 100 105 110 115 120 125 125
sv [N/mm2] Possible Temperature in the Gasket Area (ºC)
0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700
Cooper 2.0090 200 180 150 115
Pure Iron 1.1003
Steel St 35 1.0308 350 310 260 210 170
Steel 15 Mo 1.5415 400 380 330 260 200
Steel 13 Cr Mo 44 1.7335 450 400 360 330 270 220
Stainless Steel 1.4541 450 450 420 390 330 280
Stainless Steel 1.4828 500 480 450 420 390 350 280
Stainless Steel 1.4876 600 600 570 540 500 460 240 160
Cooper 2.0090 550 550 520 460 400 340 280 190
manufacture camprofile gasket
detail camprofile joint

Special features

Whereas in normal gaskets, with a strong inclination of the flange (at ” 1º) a detachment of the inner diameter of the gaskets is observed, because now the flanges act with greater force on the outer diameter of the gasket.


In our recommended profiles of the special concave toothed joint:
B27A, B29A, B25A and E27A.
the contact is always maintained at the sealing diameter dD (center of the profile).

For this reason, as mentioned above, these seals are particularly suitable for flanged joints subjected to varying temperatures and pressures.

The materials for the coatings are PTFE, graphite and in special cases, aluminum, silver.

The soft material coatings are usually supplied glued to the gasket. Therefore, the gasket in the assembled state gains some thickness.

For the coating of gaskets for pipes, apparatus elements or fittings we recommend the use of PTFE or graphite. The coatings can be added without gluing or a low chloride glue can be used.

PTFE coating
coating of narrow joints

For metal coatings, in narrow joints, bD < sqrt(d1), the toothed joint can be partially coated on the inside (see graph below), with good results.

wide joint lining

For wide joints, bD > sqrt(d1), the joint can be fully surfaced (in two parts), as shown in the figure below.

Preferred use of Kammprofile gaskets according to profile:

• B27A without centering ring, especially suitable for tongue and groove flange connections.
• B29A with centering ring that helps to correctly position the gasket between the bolts, for flanges with shoulder or smooth flanges.
• B25A with removable and retrievable centering ring for another gasket. Reduces the replacement costs of these gaskets, especially suitable for larger dimensions.

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