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We reached a new milestone

We signed a framework contract with Repsol Commitment, quality and speed. A reality with which Comdiflex understands the demands of our customers. Undoubtedly, when we are able to respond to our customers' needs


Anti-spark tools Comdiflex

Anti-spark tools for the industrial sector and related companies Our anti-spark tools are suitable for use in environments where the appearance of sparks can cause fires or explosions. ATEX zones. All our tools strictly comply with

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Exclusive! Leak detection paint

Now available the 100% acrylic paint that allows instant visualization of any leak. The early detection of leaks is not only an economic saving for companies, but also an asset in terms

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My name is Arancha Guerrero. I am the manager of Kempchen-Comdiflex. For those who don't know, we are a company that manufactures and distributes solutions to control sealing, expansion and corrosion in the petrochemical,

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Exclusive product – Extreme seals

Grupo Industrial Kempchen & Comdiflex S.A. Seguimos avanzando para ti, desde el departamento de I+D presentamos nuestros nuevos productos en exclusiva de Comdiflex Advance, gracias al acuerdo comercial alcanzado con APS (Advance Products &