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Overall policy


The Management of G.I. KEMPCHEN COMDIFLEX, S.A. is well aware that the only path to survival for the organisation lies in making a real commitment to the quality of its products and services in relation to market demands and in gradually introducing environmental criteria into all of its activities, in order to provide personalised services to meet the needs within its context and as part of a continuous improvement process.

All these principles entail:

  • Learning and identifying expectations, needs and requirements within our context.
  • Planning and setting management indicators for the company which support the aforementioned principles.
  • Establishing a system to promote and encourage employee involvement for continuous improvement.
  • Raising awareness among the company’s employees of the importance of their cooperation and their individual and/or collective contribution to the above.
  • The policy being suitable for the purpose and context of the organisation, including the nature, scope and environment impacts of its activities, products and services.
  • The policy providing a reference framework to set environmental goals.

The consolidation of this process is a key responsibility of the General Manager of KEMPCHEN, which is why I pledge to:

  • Provide the comprehensive management system with the resources necessary for proper functioning and continuous improvement of its efficiency.
  • Periodically review the comprehensive management system to verify compliance with what has been set out, and to continuously improve the efficiency of its functioning.
  • Comply with the context’s requirements, including legal and statutory requirements, as well as other requirements.
  • Notify all interested parties of this overall policy and ensure that it is understood by all.
  • Inform employees of the evolution of the company with regard to the quality goals set and the results of the continuous improvement process.
  • Use this overall policy as a reference framework to set and review quality and environmental goals.
  • Make this policy available to the general public.
  • Work towards protecting the environment, including pollution prevention and other specific commitments relevant to the organisation’s context.
  • Continuously improve the environmental management system to improve environmental performance.

Irún, on the 5th of May, 2022
Arancha Guerrero,
General Manager